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*GIFT IDEAS* | Remembrance Jewelry-Memorial Keepsakes

Sympathy Gifts-Memorial Gifts-Funeral Gifts

In times of mourning, no words are able to take away the pain and sorrow. Traditional gifts of flowers fade and then are forgotten. Our personalized jewelry and keepsakes are welcome gifts for the bereaved, showing them that their loved ones are always remembered and cherished.

Choose from our unique gifts of sympathy and loss appropriate for remembrance, bereavement, and sending condolences. Customization and Personalization makes it extra special for the gift recipient and gently expresses your true caring for them.

These items are our bestsellers to memorialize an older child, adult loss, loss of a spouse, loss of a parent, loss of a sibling, loss of a friend or general sympathy. Men need comfort in times of sorrow too! The personalized Key Chains and Dog Tag Pendants are our bestsellers for Men's Sympathy Gifts. 

Click on a picture below to view the individual product description
and to Add to Cart or Wish List.

Tear of Sympathy Necklace
Price:  $70.00  
Always In My Heart Prayer Box Necklace
Price:  $90.00  
Wings of Comfort Necklace
Price:  $60.00  
Personalized Butterfly Necklace
Price:  $60.00  
Heart In Heart Necklace
Price:  $60.00  
Missing You Personalized Charm
Price:  $45.00  
Thinking of You Customized Charm
Price:  $60.00  
Personalized Angel Wing Necklace
Price:  $60.00  
Personalized Angel Wing Leather Necklace
Price:  $50.00  
Personalized Angel Wing Charm Necklace
Price:  $65.00  
Home To God on Angels Wings Necklace
Price:  $80.00  
Personalized Tag Necklace-Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
Price:  $60.00  
Personalized Round Family Necklace-Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
Price:  $75.00  
Personalized Round Charm Necklace-Sterling Silver
Price:  $50.00  
Personalized Round Charm Necklace-Gold Filled
Price:  $50.00  
All My Kids Necklace- Open Heart
Price:  $35.00  
Tear of Remembrance Necklace
Price:  $27.00  
Beloved Child Charm Necklace
Price:  $55.00  
Butterfly Principle Necklace
Price:  $90.00  
Broken Wing Necklace
Price:  $75.00  
A Piece of My Heart Necklace
Price:  $85.00  
Raphael Angel Round Charm-14k Gold
Personalized Angel Heart Charm
Price:  $23.00  
Simple Dangle Bead with Personalized Heart Charm
Price:  $40.00  
Mini Hearts Dangle Bead with Personalized Heart Charm
Price:  $40.00  
Rose Quartz Large Hole Bead
Price:  $16.00  
In Memory of a Beloved Child Charm Bracelet
Price:  $49.95  
In Memory of a Beloved Child Message Bead Bracelet
Price:  $59.95  
Angel Bracelet- Sterling
Price:  $49.95  
Angel Bracelet- Pearl
Price:  $49.95  
Moms Bracelet- Pearl
Price:  $60.00  
Real Flower Single Forget-Me-Not Cable Bracelet
Price:  $85.00  
Real Flower TWO Forget-Me-Not Cable Bracelet
Price:  $80.00  
Real Rosebud Flower Cable Bracelet
Price:  $85.00  
Real Rosebud Earrings
Price:  $36.00  
Precious Images Dog Tag Keychain- Sterling Silver
Price:  $58.00  
Personalized Angel Round Charm
Price:  $26.00  
Precious Images Engraved Round Pendant
Price:  $50.00  
Precious Images Dog Tag Pendant- Sterling Silver
Price:  $55.00  
Precious Images Dog Tag Pendant- Stainless Steel
Price:  $35.00  
Precious Images Dog Tag Keychain- Stainless Steel
Price:  $38.00  
Precious Images Dog Tag- Colored Aluminum
Price:  $25.00  
Always Remembered Forever Loved Dog Tag Pendant- Sterling Silver
Price:  $55.00  
Always Remembered Forever Loved Dog Tag Pendant- Stainless Steel
Price:  $35.00  
Always Remembered Forever Loved Dog Tag- Colored Aluminum
Price:  $25.00  
Remembrance Intentions™ Bracelet
Price:  $18.00  
Simple Heart Cremation Necklace
Price:  $115.00  
Angel Cremation Necklace
Price:  $110.00  
Cylinder Cremains Necklace
Price:  $130.00  
Simple Cross Cremains Necklace
Price:  $115.00  
Fancy Cross Cremains Necklace
Price:  $100.00  
Fish Cremation Necklace
Price:  $105.00  
Fancy Heart Cremation Necklace
Price:  $125.00  
Pet Heart Cremains Necklace
Price:  $125.00  
Birthstone Suncatcher- Small
Price:  $22.00  
Birthstone Suncatcher-Large
Price:  $28.00  
Personalized Birthstone Suncatcher
Price:  $32.00  
Floral Crystal 3 x 6 Memorial Candle
Price:  $60.00  
Crystal Lace Heart 3 x 6 Memorial Candle
Price:  $60.00  
Swarovski Crystal 3 x 6 Memorial Candle
Price:  $60.00  
Small Floral Keepsake Lantern Memorial Candle
Price:  $55.00  
Large Floral Keepsake Lantern Memorial Candle
Price:  $65.00  
Forget-Me-Not Poem 3 x 6 Memorial Candle
Price:  $65.00  
My Forever Child Poem 3 x 9 Memorial Candle
Price:  $70.00  
Engravable Charm- Small Heart
Price:  $20.00  
Engravable Charm- Medium Heart
Price:  $30.00  
Engraveable Heart Charm- Small GF
Price:  $22.00  
Engraveable Heart Charm- Large GF
Price:  $25.00  
Engraveable Heart Charm- Small 14K
Price:  $90.00  
Engraveable Heart Charm- Large 14K Gold
Price:  $160.00  

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My Forever Child Remembrance Jewelry, Memorial Keepsakes and Sympathy Gifts.
Custom Handprint and Footprint Jewelry using your child's actual images.
Specializing in memorial jewelry and remembrance keepsakes for miscarriage, stillbirth, pregnancy loss, sudden infant death syndrome-SIDS, neonatal infant death, twin and multiples loss, older child and adult loss.

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