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#1086  Custom Engraved Handprint-Footprint XL Round Pendant
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Our sterling silver extra large round pendant is custom engraved with your loved one's actual handprint and footprint images for a truly one of a kind personalized keepsake.

This Sterling Silver Xtra Large Round Pendant can be engraved with 2 handprints, 2 footprints, or 1 Handprint with 1 Footprint. Select the custom imageyou'd like engraved on this pendant in the drop down box below.

A name can be inscribed under the image, Or you can just opt for personalization on the back for a larger image engraved on the front of the pendant.

The Back of thependant can be engraved withnames, dates or a special saying. Fill out the text box below with the desired inscription.

Sterling Silver XL Round Pendant measures 26mm diameter.

An additional set of prints can be engraved on the back for an additonal charge, select the option below. This is an ideal way to incorporate handprints on one side and footprints on the other side. Also great as a memento of twins.
If additional prints are chosen for the reverse side, only1 line of engraved personalization can fit on each side.

Click Here for additional Information
on how to submit your Prints

How it Works

You can email or snail mail your handprint and footprint images to us separately after placing your order. Please be sure to reference your order number if sending separately.

  • The best quality image reproduction is from dark, high contrast ink prints against a white paper background. If you are going to create new handprint or footprint images, you can use black washable ink and plain white cardstock (without any decorative textures or backgrounds). These can usually be found at your local crafts store. We also sell a no-mess, no-fuss Inkless Wipe Kitwith specially coated paper that you can create your own prints with.
  • Most of our customers use the footprints or handprints made by the hospital from when the child is born. It is OK if there are smudges or writing through the prints, we can edit this out.
  • We realize that you may only have one set of prints, especially if using the prints of a baby, child, or loved one that has passed away. We will do the best we can with what you send us, and treat your prints with the utmost respect that they deserve in such a delicate situation. No original copies will be harmed in the making of your custom piece, as we ask for scanned copies or photocopies of the prints. It is OK to have the prints on more than one piece of paper. Just send us an email with each scan attached and specify your instructions in the email. We'll take care of the rest!
  • Scan the prints as a color photograph (not as a document) at 300 or 600 dpi. Save as a .jpg format. Please note that cell phone and digital camera photographs of the prints do not render the best starting quality. We recommend that you use a flat bed scanner to capture the ink prints. If you do not have access to a scanner, then please mail us a very good photocopy of the prints (do not send originals) and we will scan the prints in our studio for the best quality finished piece.
  • If the hand or footprints are not on a flat medium (3D mold, in a frame, or on a plate, ball, plaque, or other decorative item) and you must use a photograph to capture the prints, please use a quality digital camera with the Macro mode on, and use a medium image size setting. Be aware of the lighting and try to not have shadows through the prints or skewed angles of the prints. If you are unsure whether your prints will be good for an engraving, please email us your prints before placing an order and we can let you know, or offer more tips for the best image rendering.
  • We will edit the handprints and footprints to remove any smudges, darken the ink, and highlight some details. If the ink prints did not capture the feet or hands completely, we are able to add or fill in toes and fingers, or round out heels and palms. Let us know in the Special Instructions box if you want any revisions to the prints. Alternatively, please let us know it there are extra digits or other features that should be kept in the print. Every person is special and unique!
  • The prints will be reduced in size and arranged in a layout that best fits the piece you have chosen.
  • We personally engrave these custom handprint and footprint jewelry pieces in our studio using our own unique process of diamond engraving fine horizontal lines deeply into the piece for durability and incredible detail that will comfort you to wear a true representation made by your loved one.
  • These jewelry pieces are not oxidized or supplementally darkened. The engraved image will shimmer from white to dark grey depending on the angle of light it is viewed in. The engraved image will slightly darken over time due to natural oxidation.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for your custom charm to be made.Holidays such as Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day have specific cut off dates to order by, to ensure the proper time required for processing and shipping. Please see our Holiday Ordering Dates page before placing your order.


Click to View Engraving Fonts
Our Price:  $100.00  

Approximate Shipping Time:
3 Week Processing + Shipping Method

Image for Front of Pendant:

Enter Engraving Desired:
1st Line on Front Side=:
Maximum: 12

Reverse Side Option
If an Image is selected for the Back I understand
that only 1 line of personalization will fit underneath

Image for Back of Pendant:

Enter Engraving Desired:
1st Line BACK=:
Maximum: 12
2nd Line BACK=:
Maximum: 12
3rd Line BACK=:
Maximum: 12
4th Line BACK=:
Maximum: 12

Chains Available

Special Instructions:

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