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Remembering Our Angels

My son Matthew Kristopher was stillborn at 37 weeks gestation due to a complete placental abruption. It took several months for me to recover physically, but much longer emotionally. I joined local and online support groups to help with the healing process. Later on I was able to be a speaker at support groups for newly bereaved parents. I still keep in touch with friends that I made in the support groups. We understand each other in ways that regular friends canít relate to.

During the time of my grief, I scoured every mail order catalog and website listings looking for items that were specifically for pregnancy or child loss, however these were hard to come by. I had to fill myself up with tiny comforts as I called them in order to feel a little bit better. It made me feel like I was doing something for him, since I was not allowed to raise him here on Earth. I also made a memorial website in his honor, planted a garden in our backyard, and designed a tattoo of baby footprints inside a heart with wings and a halo.

The birth of my subsequent son 18 months later was both overwhelmingly joyous and yet, cut the emotional scars back open. It was then that I realized that I didnít just want to forget about what I went through and move on. During this phase of healing my mind started racing again as I thought up ways to make a difference in pregnancy and infant loss. My mission was forming: to create items of comfort for those touched by the loss of a child, raise awareness, and donate to charitable causes related to child loss. Working towards a goal helped to keep me going, even at times when I wanted to throw in the towel. I had been making jewelry for years as a hobby, so it seemed like a natural progression to combine my love of jewelry making with pregnancy and infant loss awareness.

I have had my website, www.MyForeverChild.com since 2005. I design and create a majority of the jewelry, and I put a lot of thought into each piece. Many of the pieces come with cards explaining the symbolic nature of the charms and meaning of the gemstones and birthstones used. I also engrave and personalize the pieces further. Usually, parents like to see their childís name in print. It is a way to show that they are remembered. For many people, wearing one of my handcrafted keepsakes is a tangible way to honor the child that is no longer with them physically, but alive within their hearts. It is through helping other bereaved families that I have found the greatest healing.

©Susan Mosquera
From the book, "Remembering Our Angels-Personal Stories of Healing From a Pregnancy Loss" by Hannah Stone
Available at lulu.com by clicking on this link.


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My Forever Child Remembrance Jewelry, Memorial Keepsakes and Sympathy Gifts.
Custom Handprint and Footprint Jewelry using your child's actual images.
Specializing in memorial jewelry and remembrance keepsakes for miscarriage, stillbirth, pregnancy loss, sudden infant death syndrome-SIDS, neonatal infant death, twin and multiples loss, older child and adult loss.

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