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Dear Sue, I want to tell you how much I love all the pieces you made for me. They are so pretty and darling, I've received so many compliments already! While nothing can replace my daughter and 2 other spirit babies, it's nice to have special items just to honor and remember them. It's especially nice that they are created by a woman who's been there and is doing good works from a tragedy. I must say that all your pieces are very affordable and reasonably priced for quality, handcrafted, personalized jewelry. You'll definitely be seeing me on your frequent purchaser's list!!
Best Wishes, Judy D.

Dear Sue, Thank you again so much the beautiful charms. You're doing such a service to those who have lost a baby due to any reason. You're providing comfort to those in need and giving them something tangible to serve as a constant reminder that love and the connection it creates NEVER dies, it just changes form.
For the first time, I have something to remember my baby by that is real. People look at it an ask what is means, and I'm able to tell them what's in my heart. My mother, who I also ordered a pendant for, lost my brother when he was 18 months old-forty years ago. This is the first thing SHE'S ever had to remember David by-something dedicated and made especially for HIM. To know what joy and comfort you brought to my mother means more than words can ever convey.
Your work has touched both my mother's and my heart immeasurably. You have been given this calling, and are truly fulfilling one of your life's missions-that of helping others through your gifts.
I will spread the word, and keep spreading it. You're a very special person. God Bless, Ellen www.misscarriagehelp.com


I would like to thank those who created this site and those who spent time on my necklace. It is such a blessing to have something tangible, this wonderful keepsake, to remember my little angel by beside all of the unused baby items that remain in my home. This wonderful memorial piece is without a doubt very well made and beautifully engraved. I would highly recommended My Forever Child to anyone looking for a meaningful piece to remember your angel baby. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To those who have lost a little one, take comfort in the fact that your baby is resting safely in the arms of angels.
~Lindsey F.

I just recently purchased a pendant from your company to honor my stillborn daughter. I just wanted to thank you for your beautiful work. The pendant is so precious as well as the pouch it came in. The poem card that was included is just beautiful. It expresses exactly how we feel. I appreciate the time and care that was put into my order and I receieved it right away. I'm so glad that there are companies out there like yours, who provide families with the opportunity to purchase rememberance tokens for their lost loved ones. Now I am able to keep her close to my heart, look down at my pendant and remember her always. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Emily L.

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my husband and I love the jewelry that we ordered from you. My son Nicholas was stillborn on April 25th of this year. The hospital where he was born was amazing, and sent us home with many keepsakes of our son. It was incredibly healing to have those tangible reminders of our baby boy. I was very concerned about returning to work and "real life" and not being able to have any of those keepsakes with me. My husband and I each ordered one of the personalized engraved pendants of Nicholas' footprints. I can't tell you how much that one small piece of jewelry means to us. It helps us to feel connected to our son everyday no matter where we are. Thank you for offering such wonderful products. Sincerely, Melissa and Jon B.

Dear Sue, There are not many days that go by that I don't have a crying spell because I just miss my girls so much. It was during a one of those moments that this beautfiul work of art arrived making me feel like my baby girls where shining down on me. My charm bracelet is the most special peice of jewelry that I have ever received and you are just absolutely amazing for creating it! This is such a wonderful way for me to share my three precious baby girl angels with everyone. Although I know my baby girls are always in my heart this somehow make me feel like I am carrying them with me. I can't tell you enough how beautiful this bracelet is and how many compliments I have received on it.

I ordered footprint necklaces for me and my husband with our daughter Maggie's footprint and date on them. I really love them and know they will become treasured heirlooms. My four year old son likes looking at his sister's print and kissing it. Thank you for doing what you do. I was searching for something I could wear near my heart that was unobstrusive and this necklace is perfect. In fact, it started a small trend within the stillbirth support group I belong to. I can't imagine a day without wearing my pendant ~Maribeth

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my necklace on Wednesday. I absolutely love it. It turned out so much better then I expected. It is a comfort to be able to always have a part of my angel with me. I love that the footprints are actually his, and that I could personalize it with a birthstone and engraving. I have recieved so many compliments on it so far. When I set out to find a piece of jewelery that would be a reminder of my baby I couldn't have even imagined this necklace. It has so much more then what I was looking for. Thanks so much, ~Crystal N.

Just wanted to say thank you so much! I just received the charm in honour of my baby daughter Elena born sleep 09/03/07. It is absolutly gorgeous and perfect and the poem that came with it just beautiful. Both thigs will be hopefully forever with me close to my heart. I have recommended you to all my friends from sands forum. Thank you so much!! ~Alicia

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful charm I receieved last night at Martha's GAPS mtg. We just lost Our 5th baby on Wednesday and this charm is so beautiful and wearing it makes me proud to say I was their mommy- it is more meaningful to me than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for what you are doing- you are an angel ~Laurel

I received my footprint charm and I just love it. I love your website and I told my daughter about it and she ordered her a footprint charm. I am the Grandmother and it is hard to cope with the loss of a child or grandchild, but as the charm says I will always have him "in my heart." Thank you so much, Sharon

I have to tell you I have done business with a lot of companies. I try to get my family and friends things that are different and what is not the normall gift and I have never received such service before like this. I left work tonight not sure what I would do if I could not find the charm and the spelling and now I can order with out any problems. Thank you so much, this will mean the world to her.

Hi, I'm a 29 year old mother of three who was hoping to complete our family with a forth child. when I found out I was pregnant in August of 07 I was so happy. In late september I had my misscarriage. I stumbled on your web site by pure luck or God led me here. I've know many women who have had misscarriges and never really understood how it felt until now. I think what you are doing for all of us is God sent. Thank you very much for helping me find a way to live with my loss. I recieved my necklace the other day in the mail, I LOVE IT. It my sound funny to some, but it gives me something to hold on to.I have told many people about your web site and I hope it helps them as much as its helped me. Thank you and God bless you. ~Mary

Just wanted to let you know I got my bracelet and it is beautiful...and perfect timing, as tomorrow is the 1 yr anniversary of my first miscarriage, so thanks. I wanted to let you know that several of the girls on my multiple m/c loss board have ordered bracelets from you and they rave about them...so thanks from many!! ~Letitia

Hi Sue, Just wanted you to know that I recieved the custom pendants in the mail on Tuesday night. They were much needed after a stressful day. So thank you and they are absolutely beautiful! I absolutely love them and so do the "Grandma's". I am currently helping facilitate our infant bereavement support group and would love to hand out some literature. I also can't wait to show them my pendant this month too. So if you want to send some stuff, I will gladly pass it along. Thanks! ~Tami L.

Sue, I got the Custom Handprint and Footprint Pendants in the mail about 2 days ago. They are just lovely. I am very impressed with them. My husband loved his. I couldn't wait until Christmas. You did a fantastic job. I am still wanting you to make me another Handprint one proably after Christmas if that is okay. I have been telling everyone I know to go to you site and get something made and what a wonderful job you do. Thanks for everything, ~Allie T.

I spoke with you a few weeks ago to have bracelet made for a co-worker who lost her little boy at 5 months. I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the bracelet was and how much it meant to Dawn. We presented it to her and she was very moved. You do wonderful work and I want to commend you on putting this service together for all of us who have experienced a loss. I will be ordering one for myself in memory of my sweet Emma that I lost at 38 weeks. I know you have experienced your share of pain as well, thank you so much for helping us remember our little ones. ~Diane C.

I wanted to say Thank You so much for the bracelet and the little boys on the star charms, its all just beautiful. The death of my twin boys has been just devastating and the only reminders I have of them is their baby blanket from the hospital and a copy of their footprints. my bracelet is a wonderful reminder that my baby's are two little stars in heaven and wearing it makes me feel like they are with me at all times.Your little boy Matthew would be so proud of you knowing all the family's you are helping. Thank you, Heather

Hi Susan! My pendant arrived on Monday... It is absolutely beautiful and elegant! The wrapping is perfect. Thank you for posting a picture of my pendant in your website (please don't change it!). I had my friends from the IVF board look at it. I'm wearing it today to the office and I'm receiving lots of compliments. So far this is the most beautiful piece I have found to remember my baby daughter, Zara. Thank you for the super fast delivery!!! ~Beatriz

Hi Sue, Thank you for the beautiful charm you made for me. I can't tell you how much calmer it has made me, and how much I treasure it. I love the new stuff you have on your website-you'll definitely be hearing from me in the near future. I mentioned you at my last support group meeting, a few people were very interested and loved the charm. I forwarded your info to those people whose email addresses I had. Thanks again for everything. Your website is incredible. I wish you the best of luck, Jennifer C.

Just wanted to let you know that your jewelry is beautiful. Last Saturday I gave my husband one of your sterling & leather bracelets for his birthday in memory of our four angels. My normally reserved husband broke down in tears in a crowded restaurant when he read the inscription. Thank you for making it possible to remember our babies in our own way! ~Lydia S.

Dear Sue, I received my Child's Life Pendant right after the death of my daughter. It has brought me so much comfort. I wanted something to keep close to my heart to always have her "with" me and to celebrate her live. She lived for dancing and cheerleading and you were so helpful helping me design a pendant unique to her. I am so thrilled you have it display it on your website. I recently ordered the Believe pendant and the In Memory of a Beloved Child bracelet in honor of my daughter's birthday. These items hold such a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for your time, patience, and understanding. This jewelry has helped so many people through such hard times and brings a special peace to us as we show the world out outward symbols of our children who we have loved and lost. I am so thrilled to share with people stories of my daughter, Ally, when the compliment me on my jewelry. It is a place where our children live on and are always cherished, loved, and remembered. Thanks, Dina C.

I want to thank you for making such a wonderful item. I always wanted someway to remember my 3 babies and now I have a way. What a wonderful way to help mothers who have gone through the heartache of miscarriages or stillborns. Thanks again! I look forward to my butterflies. ~Karen

Your pieces are beautiful. Canít wait to get them. It is a wonderful site and I am thankful to have found it. There is simply few to no Canadian resources for support and memorial items likes these. Please know that your website and having access to these special mementos has meant a great deal to me. Thank you, ~Lesley

I lost my son Evan when I miscarried at 15 weeks along at the end of April. My friends bought me a pendant from your website, and I thought I'd drop you a note to tell you how much it means to me. I'm not at all a superstitious person, so the necklace doesn't have that sort of meaning (not for good luck, or letting Evan know that I love him or anything like that). I wear it all the time, maybe just to have a tangible reminder that he wasn't a figment of my imagination. He was real and I loved him and I miss him. My grief is real. He was real. Having the necklace feels like a validation of my story and my feelings. Thanks again for the service you provide to grieving families.
Sincerely, Sarah D.

Sue, Thank you so much for the charm and crystal. I was very impressed, it was much better quality than I really expected, and it is beautiful. I am posting a link to your site on board that I talk with many other mothers who have lost one or more of their triplets, I want to share with them because the charms you make really are great! I am sure they will love them, too! Thanks again, ~Erika L.

Dear Sue, Thank you for the bracelet you made for my sister. After routine blood tests around 18 weeks pregnant, my sister and her husband found out that their baby boy had a fatal chromosome abnormality called Trisomy 18. They decided to say goodbye early to their baby and a few hours before my sister was admitted to the hospital for induction, she received the bracelet. She put it on and has worn it ever since. Her husband also took pictures of her wearing the bracelet. She put the photos and the product card in her baby's scrapbook so everyone will see and understand her bracelet. I was so glad to have found your website as I was not interested in sending flowers or some other sympathy basket. The bracelet was perfect.
Sincerely, Gretchen R.

Dear Sue, I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful TTC/ Pregnancy bracelet. I bought the bracelet for one of my best friends who lost her baby boy 9 hours after his birth due to placental abruption last year. My friend is pregnant now and is expecting another baby boy in January. I have been searching for something to send her for so long and I'm so glad that I found your site. God Bless you and thank you for the jewelry you have created. ~Caryn V.

Bless you for this site. I followed a link from another infant loss blog, and I have to say your selection of items is terrific. You have a charm that I have been asking various jewelers to create, to no avail. And WOW I really love that Love Knot Ring. I need to save up because I'm going to HAVE to get one of those. I'm running out of fingers! And congrats on the speaking engagement. I will CERTAINLY be ordering from you! I will paste a link to your site directly on my blog ~Julie U.

Hi Sue, I just want to say how much I appreciate you creating the jewelry especially for October 15th, Remembering Our Babies. The quality is wonderful and everyone is raving about the designs. Your an amazing women and what you do is fantastic. Thank you so much for everything.
~Robyn Bear, Remembering Our Babies

Dear Sue: I just got the key chain and the beautiful angel you sent me. I want to thank you for it. I also wanted you to know that the key chain is beautiful. I loved the printing and having the date of birth on it. I will probably be ordering one for my mom this month. Thanks again. ~Tracey M.

I got my suncatcher today and I love it. I put it in my car as soon as I got it and will have it there always to remember my little angel!! I am so glad that someone out there is talented enough to come up with designs such as these so that we may have something to always remember our babies by. Thanks for all you do for all of us that have lost a baby. ~Lyndsi M.

Hi Sue, Both my sister-in-law and my cousin loved their charms...One wears hers along with a cross, on a chain around her neck. the other one attached hers to a charm bracelet. They were both moved and touched by the charm. Stay well and thank you...Anna O.

Sue- I received the Dad's keychain for my husband and the Sarah pin for me yesterday and I love them. You did a great job. I will keep looking on the site and see what's new. Thanks for the quick turnaround. Love, Linda V.

Hi Sue, I just got the circle of hope pendant yesterday and itís absolutely beautiful!! You do such unique, wonderful work. I noticed you have some new items! I wish I could buy one of everything on your site, everything is so nice. ~Tanya P.

Hi Sue, I am so glad that you were at the Walk to Remember. I finally bought my necklace and you put a blue stone on it for my son. I love wearing it and just wanted to say thanks! ~Suzanne

I found out about you and your company from a Share newsletter. I also spread the word about your business to my Internet support group. I have been looking for a long time for a piece of jewelry to remember my 2 babies, and when I found your site, I was thrilled. I just wanted to spread the word. Thanks! ~Pam

Thank you for my remembrance bracelet. It arrived safely today and is just perfect! I hope you will get some more orders when people see mine. It is comforting to me to have a visible symbol of remembrance for my three angels and I'm sure others will feel the same. ~Nancy C.

Hi Sue! I received my order and my husband was jealous, so I had to get him some keychains as well! ~Angela B.

DAMN you are good!! I got my Mom's Bracelet today and am proudly wearing it!! And, my car and Scottís car are proudly wearing our support ribbon magnets!!! Thanks again, you are the best!!!!! ~Rita K.

It made me happy to see something that was for miscarriage babies. I feel they don't get recongnized as much. Thank you! ~Rachel G.

I am glad that I found this sight. This will be a great way to help me feel like I am keeping my baby with me. ~Sarah R.

This will help me begin to heal from my loss. Thank you so much! ~Amy C.

Hi Sue, I received the Miscarriage/ Pregnancy Loss Bracelet today. It is absolutely beautiful - thank you. I put it on straight away and I refuse to take it off!!! Thanks again for everything. Regards and all the best, Michelle T., in Australia

This will mean so much to my sister, who just miscarried. I think it's a wonderful idea for a gift as remembrance, rather than sympathy. I am so glad I came upon your site. Thank you so very much. ~Meagan M.

Just recieved the braclet yesterday for my sister, figured it would be nice to get her husband something also. Thanks so much, once again. ~Meagan M.

I am very interested in getting a piece of jewelry to represent the loss of a quadruplet pregnancy and you have by far, the best selection. Thank you for your help, ~Pam C.

Thank you for this beautiful Mom's Bracelet. It is for a friend of mine who lost her little girl in an auto accident one year ago on 12/16/04. ~Melissa M.

Thank you so much Sue. I signed the guestbook when I received my prayer box charm. It was the absolute perfect thing I was looking for (for 2 years) and I wear it almost every single day. I also put my boys on your November calendar. I think that is such a special thing that you do. I can't thank you enough. Have a wonderful holiday. ~Mary Beth B.

My heart leapt at the happiness of having something to wear everyday to signify the loss of my baby daughter. I like having it as a symbol...an announcement...to say "she WAS here". It is beautiful...and I am grateful to have it. With tremendous gratitude, Lesley H.

Susan, I cannot thank you enough for creating this site and for reaching out to all of us that have felt the loss of a child. Your jewelry is beautiful, yet subtle and is a wonderful way for us to remember our little ones. Everything you do, right down to the packaging, shows the tremendous amount of love and care that you put in to this. ~Paula T.

I am 15 years old and just had a miscarriage. My grandmother ordered me a bracelet a few weeks ago from your site. I wanted to thank you. I love this bracelet, it means a lot to me. I feel like I have a part of my baby with me to carry with me everywhere I go. People don't notice how much I hurt from loosing my child. They say it is a good thing that it happened since I am so young but that was my child and I love my baby more than anything no matter how old I am. Thank You so much!!! From, Samantha

i got your message telling all of us happy mothers day thank you so much it has gotten really hard on me and this week i would be giving birth to my baby it is really hard and mothers day was the hardest time ever thank you and i put the poem in my scrapbook it was so sweet of you to do this for all these women We all love you!!!! !~*Samantha*~!

Hi Sue, thank you so much for my beautiful necklace, I am so happy with it and as an added bonus it arrived on my 40th birthday it will be a constant reminder of my very special babies, and it is so great to have someone like you make beautiful jewlery so they can be forever in our hearts.
Thank you again ~Martina

I would like to say how very grateful I am that you have created such beautiful items to help for me to wear in memory of my 4 misscarriages.everyone around me tells me to get over it and i can not talk about it to people but now i can wear my childrens memories around my heart and I will never forget.

Dear Susan, I did receive the bracelet yesterday . It is absoloutly beautiful. It is my 40th birthday today. I just cannot be happy about anything since my loss is quite recent. The bracelet has a calming and warm effect. It is my treasure. Thank you for creating something so lovely. Best Regards,Eva

I received the memory bracelet and rose quartz necklace today. They are for my sister as I continue to try and help her with the loss of her baby. They are so beautiful. I held them and read the cards that accompanied them and cried. Thank You for being here to help and support those who have lost precious little ones. Thank you for helping people realize that it is okay to remember Ė we need to remember.
Thank You, Stacie F.

Thank you for your help with Megan's gift. I know she will treasure it. You are a very special person to provide such personal tributes to families who have lost so much. You are appreciated more than you know.

I just received my bracelet to remember my two angels. It is beautiful! I am going to wear it on a daily basis to always have my angels in my thoughts. I will be proud to tell people about the meaning behind the bracelet when they ask what it represents. It will make it possible to keep the spirit of my babies alive, even to people that didn't know about the miscarriages before. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of creating this beautiful jewelry for those of us that are suffering. It has already brought some comfort to me. God Bless!
~Becky H.

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the charm! It is gorgeous! I was having the WORST day ever and I came home and there it was waiting for me! I couldn't stop crying! Thank you so much!!!! ~Brittany

Susan, The jewelry and the card are both amazing! Everytime I read that poem it brings tears to my eyes! I wouldn't change a thing. Your jewelry and words comfort so many. You are an angel to those of us who need guidance.
Warmest Regards, Dina

Hi Sue, I received my jewellry today. It is beautiful. I couldn't choose which bracelet or necklace to wear so I am wearing all of it at once at the moment. I love the fact that I was able to incorporate all my children in your jewellry in some way. For example the 3 butterfly necklace. One represents my 2 year old daughter, one represents my angel baby boy and one represents my daughter that is due in August. Also thank you for the quick service!
Thanking you, Belinda

Susan, I spoke with you a few weeks ago to have bracelet made for a co-worker who lost her little boy at 5 months. I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the bracelet was and how much it meant to Dawn. We presented it to her and she was very moved. You do wonderful work and I want to commend you on putting this service together for all of us who have experienced a loss. I will be ordering one for myself in memory of my sweet Emma that I lost at 38 weeks. I know you have experienced your share of pain as well, thank you so much for helping us remember our little ones.
~Diane C.

Hi Sue, I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today, I went to pick it up at the post office today and the items are beautiful. I love the way it was packaged with the organza bag and beautiful poem card. I adore my baby's memory bracelet. It is so little and cute, just like her. It would have fit her wrist, Sonja was only 4lbs 12oz when she was born. The silver bead is sweet on the bracelet and I love seeing her name. I cried when I read the poem and saw the bracelet, I cried for missing her and because the poem says how I feel and the bracelet is so pretty and well made and just perfect to honour my baby girl. I also love the butterfly charm with her birthstones. I attached it to a locket witch has her picture and footprints in it. Thank so much Sue. Thank you for your wonderful work and the service you provide, I spend many hours looking at your jewelry and thinking about my baby. I will definitely be a repeat customer and I am forwarding your link to my friends through PBSO (Perinatal Bereavement Services of Ontario). Thank you.
Scarlett S., Sonja's mommy

Dear Sue, I love my mom's bracelet. It is so beautiful and unique and now Andrews name comes with me wherever I go. It means so much to me. Thank you for helping me celebrate my "entire" family!!! Love, Danielle

Hi Susan, On behalf of myself and my husband I wanted to say thanks for the beautiful key-chain you made for Doug for Fathers day.The past 4 months have been the hardest of our lives loosing our twin boys , Doug has been trying to stay strong for me letting me grieve where as he has been holding it all in. Hes been working long hours trying to pay the bills cause I haven't been able to work , and it's only been the past week or so he's really been able to talk about the boys and say their names, before he refered to them as the babies and I don't think I've seen him cry since they died until yesterday when I gave him his key-chain . He LOVED it ! I knew yesterday was going to be very hard on him,not just because it was Fathers day but our babies would have been due tomorrow so his gift came at the perfect time. He showed his key-chain off to everyone he saw yesterday seeing Michael & Nicholas names and knowing even though they are gone he is still their father made it a little easier on him.Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for doing a wonderful job on his gift and making Fathers day a little easier on us....... I can't wait to get my in moms heart pendant
Thankyou, Heather and Doug

I wanted to let you know that I received the package today and it's absolutely gorgeous. I cried when I saw it because it looks just like her footprint. To a tee!!!! He loved it as well and wanted to put it on immediately! I cannot thank you enough for making his first father's day so special. What you do is amazing, Sue, and I will definitely be ordering other items from you in the future. I have put a link to your website on my daughter's webpage and have emailed the women in my support group as well. Again, thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Love, Jessica- Parker's Mommy 5/7/06 to 5/8/06

I would like to just say thank you so much for your website and for the beautiful pieces of jewelry that you make. My niece recently went thru a terrible miscarriage at 5 months and has found some comfort in the poems and reading some of the testimonials from some of the other parents so she does not feel so alone. She did order some pieces from you as did I in memory of my great-nephew Andrew. I think that what you are doing is wonderful and God will reward you. I look forward to receiving my charm and telling as many people as I can when they ask me what it is and what stands for. Keep doing the wonderful work that you are doing. ~Elsa A.

I was a labor and delivery nurse but before that I worked with children that had cancer and blood disorders. Many times have I helped people through the grieving process. If I had known about this site I would have passed it on to everyone. I found you today because I attended a funeral for my daughterís kindergarten friend and was looking for support groups to let the parents know about. I wear a bracelet my mother gave me and she is still alive and so when I saw the beautiful jewelry it was something tangible and would be with them always. What you do is beautiful and I am sorry for your loss. I am sure both your boys are very proud of you and how you surely have helped many others with this tragedy of losing a child.
Thank you. ~Rae lynn c.

Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved your website. I think you are super creative and it is a wonderful thing to dedicate your creativity to. After two angels myself, I really feel like this is a great way to feel like I can wear around a little piece of them with me, it is something that keeps their memory alive to me.
Thank you Sue!!! :) ~Liliana

Susan, Just wanted for you to know that we received the candles that we ordered again they are beautiful we lit them lastnight in memory of our son Matthew and my daughter lit hers in memory of her brother. It made us feel very good and I just wanted to thank you for your website and the items you offer it was very helpful.
Thank You,
Wishing you Happy Holidays!
Mike & Vicki W.

I just wanted to thank you for the service you are doing for bereaved parents. I just lost my son a month ago and wanted something on me to honor him. My husband and I purchased two footprints pendants, one for each of us, and we absolutely love them. It was the first time since my sonís death that I was excited about something Ė to put that pendant on my necklace. Thank you so much. ~Britney N.

We got the custom heart and dog tag today and we love them! Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job and a wonderful service for families that have suffered such tragedy! We will forever look at the bracelet & keychain and smile in our hearts that we have such a beautiful remembrance of our precious twin girls. ~Susie L.

I'm sure you hear this all of the time but, thank you so much for creating such beautiful personalized bracelets for pregancy and infant loss.I know that it will bring me peace in knowing that I can wear it everyday, and think of my two babies. Also, I appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to contact me before you made the bracelet, to make sure that when I recieved it, it was just what I wanted.
Warmest Regards, Tiffany M.

Susan... I wanted to let you know that I got my bracelet today... it is beautiful and I just love it. I misscarried 2 years ago this May and I found your site shortly after that. It took me a while to order but I am SO glad I did. I've been dealing with infertility for about 5 years and the misscarriage was a pregnancy I achieved on my own without help so it was especially hard. Thanks so much for your wonderful way of remembering my loss and my hardship with becoming a mother.
Sincerely, Stacy

Hi Sue. I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for such a beautiful necklace. Your attention to detail is really appreciated and I feel lucky to have a piece of my daughter, Shira, with me every day. She died in January, she lived for 17 days, and we are now just starting to get some sense of normal back with our boys although I still feel like we have a long way to go. In any event, I just want you to know how important and meaningful it is for me to have this necklance and how thankful I am.
Take care, Rachel

Miscarriage jewelry struck me as an odd concept when someone sent it to me last year but having something tangible, however small, helps just a little bit over time. We will never forget our lost babies. The loss and pain are real and your baby needs to be grieved as well as remembered.

Thank you so much for all your help. Your package arrived Monday and the pieces are beautiful. I appreciated the small cards that accompanied the jewelry as well, scribing the meaning of the rose quartz and especially your "Forget Me Not" poem. I agreed after I saw them together that the two pendants, using the same butterfly, make a wonderful mother/daughter combination. I plan on giving them to my friend and her daughter later today and I know they will love them. Thank you so much for all you did to assist me, especially when I put you under the gun with the my hoped-for time frame. You provide a special service for those that have lost someone. Your jewelry make unique and beautiful keepsakes. I am so glad I found you. Sincerely, Jeanne

Thank you, so VERY much for my footprints charm and bracelet! It is SO beautifully done, simply awesome. Of course, it just brings tears to ours eyes....but I am SO, SO happy to have it, and have it forever. You certainly have a HUGE talent. I will be spreading your company name around as I show off my bracelet.....I will definitely be purchasing more from you in the near future. Thanks again, :)Kathy

I just wanted to let you know I received my order and LOVE it, both the little charm and also the little card that was sent along with it. I have one daughter who is 2 and we tried for another but lost my little angel at just 6 weeks. I never realized how hard it would be. That little charm will go on my mommy necklace and I will forever keep that card close by. The words are so true and said so perfectly. Your site really helped cheer my spirit last week after this whole happened. Thank you for understanding and creating a site that makes it a little easier by keeping our little angels close by always. ~Amanda R.

I just received my beautiful pendant today and wanted you to know that I absolutely love it! You captured my baby girls feet just as I remember them. This will be the most precious thing for me to have,besides the pictures we had taken of her. I don't no your whole story, but have read some of the testimonials, so you no how very hard it is to lose a child. You are such a wonderful person to do these things for people like us, that are missing are child so much. I will always wear her close to my heart because of your kindness. You are a very special person. May God bless you. Thank you so much. ~Brooke H.

My sister found your website and purchased a personalized pendant for me. It has become one of my most prized possesions. My son was killed 5yrs ago riding his bike in front of our home with his older brother. The driver 19 yrs old was charged with DUI w/injury and never served time in jail. My son was a bright star and had a big heart, he was only 10 yrs old. It is a such an injustice when people make choices to get behind the wheel and rip a family apart in minutes. A part of my heart was taken from me that day and my family will never be the same. It is so hard to find beautiful ways to remember him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Lupe C.

I just received my order which included the "Missing You" charm with birthstone. I ordered this for my son Jacob, who was killed in an auto accident in February 2009 at the age of 12. I just wanted to write to you to thank you so much for this beautiful piece of jewelry and for all that you are doing on your site to support bereaved parents. I have recommended your site to several friends and hope you continue to find success. I just came across the site via Google and am so glad I did. The charms are beautiful. Thank you so much again! ~Anne

I received my charm bracelet yesterday, and it is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. It has been almost 4 years since my son passed away. I now have this wonderful charm bracelet that makes me think of him and smile. I now have something tangible to touch, and it makes me feel like I am still connected to him. His memory feels more alive to me than it has in a while, and I could not thank you enough! You have found yourself a Life-Long customer! Thank you so much....Nadine F.

Hello, my charm arrived today, which helped my dignify the loss of my twin grandchildren. It is beautiful and arrived so swiftly. It makes such a sad, sad event much easier to survive. Thank you for offering this service. You give every life respect and love. ~Chris C.

Dear Sue:
I just want to thank you so much for your note and taking the time to care. You have no idea how much it means to a grieving grandmother. I picked my mail up today and they are absolutely beautiful. Just precious. I am sitting here crying writing you this email. I wrote a little note to my son and daughter-in-law that just said: Whenever you are feeling a little down to just reach up and touch Maxís little hand hanging close to your heart and ask god for comfort.

Thank you so so much. They couldnít have come a better time when I think they are really looking for some comfort before the Holidays come. Someone told me to wait until Christmas to give these to them but grief doesnít get put on hold. It is always there. We just have to learn how to live with it now. Who knows what tomorrow might bring so I am leaving work tonite and going to their house to drop off this package. No one has seen them except me and I am taking these precious gifts directly to them. I already feel like it is a part of them for only them to show people. Thank you again for providing a little comfort to me and my grieving family.
God bless you!
Susan R.


Dear Susan, Just a quick note of thanks for joining us on July 20th at the 8th Annual Tyler Ford Bailek Memorial Foundation Fundraiser and for sharing your remarkable story...you are truly an incredible woman! We wish you much success and look forward to staying in touch and maybe working together in the future!
Warm Regards, Karen and Adam Bailek

Dear Susan, On behalf of Stepping Stone Support, we would like to thank you for your generous donation for our 1st annual Chinese Auction. Your gift was included in our raffle and your company was listed as the donor. It is with help of caring friends such as yourself that we will be able to provide support groups, professional guidance, workshops, and a resource center for those in crisis. Thank you for helping us to help the men and women affected by infertility.
Sincerely, Renee Lynn Scott, Founder & Executive Director

Hi Sue, I just visited your site and it is absolutely beautiful. I am interested in your footprints charm. I lost an angel at 27 weeks and have never really been able to get over it. I still have his ashes. I since have had another child (actually 6th) whom I almost lost too. Thanks soooo much :) Blessings, Daisy

Hi Sue and Rich, I just visited your website..what a labor of love..it is my privilege to know you both. What a lovely way to preserve Matthew in time. I wish you success and peacefulness in your new endeavor. How can it fail with parents like yourselves. Susan, you have soooo many talents..I am so happy you found this one to fill that place in your heart with all that love for Matthew. May God continue to hold you in the palm of His Hands. Love, Yolanda T.

Sue, the site looks great. but more than that for me, since I lost twin girls back in 1988...It's a wonderful thing that you have done from such a loss...Blessings, Lisa

Bless you for starting this web site. 18 years ago when I had 3 miscarriages and 2 tubal pregnancies, there was no such support. I know your site is a comfort to many grieving couples. ~Kathy

I saw your remarkable site and the beautiful hand crafted keepsakes you are selling, they are beautiful and an absolute blessing to women who need something to hold. So my highest regards for your time and committment, you have walked and are walking our journey of grief each day. Thank you for reaching out to me, and thank you for what you are doing...You are one of those people that added sunshine to my day when I needed it most. God Bless you and yours. Love Always, Corrin

Thank you for the products you make. I truly believe you're a blessing to many peoples lives. ~Yolanda B.

I couldn't imagine anything worse than the loss of a child, but I commend you for moving forward and doing such wonderful things! Kristi


Sue, I have to admit it was really hard for me to feel whimsy and joy (which I always love to bring to anything I design)...and I admit to shedding tears through the whole process. ---This is one AMAZING lady here, who had to almost console me as I worked on her design... My heart pours out to any mom who has lost her child, it is more pain than I could ever ever imagine. My heart goes out to you and your business, I wish you every success, and what you offer is not only a piece of jewelry, but a piece of your heart! Hugs and thank you for coming to me, I'll never forget you.
~Ink (My Forever Child website designer)


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